Solid shampoo bar for oily hair 80g

Suitable for oilier scalp and hair that needs deeper cleansing, this shampoo bar will perfectly address these concerns. White and green clay remove the excess sebum while glycerin and coconut oil gently hydrate and soften hair and scalp. This solid shampoo bar secret is deep cleansing without weighing down your hair.
It`s coming with a refreshing aroma of lemon and rosemary.

Rich lather.
Perfectly balanced pH.
It is not a soap!


How is it used?
Full contents / INCI
For the most curious

You feel your hair dirty only on the next day after washing it? Dull and not very good looking? Then this is the right shampoo bar for you. Its formula is enriched with white and green clay that have strong absorbing properties. We have added glycerine which takes care of your scalp health and wellbeing. The essential oils of lemon and rosemary not only contribute to the overall fresh aroma but also gives shine and strength to your hair.

Massage the bar on your pre-wetted scalp until you have rich leather formed. You don`t need to wet the bar separately. Once it touches your wet scalp, it will activate rapidly. When you have the rich leather on your head, leave the bar aside and continue massaging your scalp only with your hands. Slide the leather through your hair lengths and ends and rinse ! For complete care, follow with one of our conditioners. The most important step for having a long lasting and efficient shampoo bar is to store it the right way between uses. Keep it in a draining soap dish away from water drops so that it stays perfectly dry until the next use.

INCI: Sodium cocoyl isethionate, cocos nucifera, kaolin, decyl glucoside, stearic acid, capril/caprilil
glucoside, ilite, glycerin, citrus aurantifolia, citrus aurantium bergamia, rosmarinus officinalis, mica CI 77019, CI 77891, CI288

*limonene, *linalool
*Естествено съдържащи се в етеричните масла

What is sodium cocoyl isethionate, decyl glucoside and capril/caprilil glucoside? Those are surfactants and their role in the formula of our solid cosmetics is to clean. The good thing about them is that they thoroughly cleanse while staying super gentle and caring to your scalp and hair. The secret? They are plant-based, made of coconut. So they are perfectly safe for even the most sensitive scalp.

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