Solid shampoo bar for dry and damaged hair 80g

Flyaways, breaking ends, damaged and hair with no shine? This shampoo bar is coming to your help. Thanks to the rich content of coconut and cocoa butter the shampoo bar nourishes and hydrates your hair and scalp. The formula is also enriched with glycerin that guarantees hair keeps moisture locked in and thus it will recover its natural brilliance and shine.

Rich lather.

Perfectly balanced pH.

It is not a soap!


How is it used?
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Dry and damaged mane is the result of your hair not receiving or not keeping in enough moisture. This makes your hair loose its shine and look tired, often with breaking ends and dull.  Coconut and cocoa butters are proven to be one of the best ingredients to soften and nourish skin and hair. In combination with the strong power of glycerin to attract and lock in moisture, this shampoo bar gives back live and energy to your damaged and not so awesome looking hair. Its gentle aroma comes from ylang ylang essential oil that also promotes hair growth by improving circulation in the scalp area

Massage the bar on your pre-wetted scalp until you have rich leather formed. You don`t need to wet the bar separately. Once it touches your wet scalp, it will activate rapidly. When you have the rich leather on your head, leave the bar aside and continue massaging your scalp only with your hands. Slide the leather through your hair lengths and ends and rinse ! For complete care, follow with one of our conditioners. The most important step for having a long lasting and efficient shampoo bar is to store it  the right way between uses. Keep it in a draining soap dish away from water drops so that it stays perfectly dry until the next use.

INCI : Sodium cocoyl isethionate, Cocos nucifera oil, Kaolin, Decyl glucoside, Stearic acid, Capil/Caprilil
glucoside, Theobroma cacao seed butter, Glycerin, Citrus paradisi peel oil, Cananga odorata , Mica ,
limonene*, geraniol*
* allergens naturally contained in essential oils

Why we say that our solid shampoo bars are not soap? There is one big difference between a soap and a shampoo. It is called level of pH. Your skin has a pH level of around 8 while your hair – around 4. Soaps are made to clean your skin, that is why their pH is close to the one of your skin. But if you wash your mane with a soap, you will find yourself with static hair, that can not retain moisture and that breaks and flyaways. Our shampoo bars are with the same pH level like the one of your hair – around 8.  Although some people might say they look like a soap because of their solid shape, they are not soap as they have completely different pH level than the one of a soap !

Our solid shampoo bars are made to be shampoo meaning they will ensure your hair and scalp stays and feels healthy.

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