Solid conditioner bar for curly and wavy hair 45g

This conditioner bar delivers deep nourishment and softening of your hair. It is suitable for curly and wavy hair as well as very dry and damaged hair. Its secret is the marshmallow root. This is a marvelous flower that is super powerful at retaining moisture in curls making them shiny and full of energy. Cocoa butter deeply nourishes the scalp and helps your hair stay silky soft and easy to comb.

Moisture retaining marshmallow extract

Balanced pH

Fresh citrus aroma


How is it used?
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For the most curious

Curly hair is a whole different Universe! If you have curly hair, your scalp is busier than usual because it has to produce much more natural oils that have to reach the ends of your curls so that they stay beautiful and hydrated. That`s why there are products specifically designed for curly /wavy hair that make your scalp job easier. This solid conditioner bar is one of them. Its power comes from the marshmallow root extract that is our absolute favorite cosmetic ingredient ever. It helps your curls retain moisture longer which makes them bounce gorgeously throughout the day. Its sweet fragrance comes from orange and coriander essential oils.

After you wash your hair with a great shampoo (preferably our solid shampoo bar for dry hair), slide the conditioner bar down your hair lengths and ends several times. You do not need to wet it separately, it will activate the moment it touches your wet hair. It will not lather (it is a conditioner). Do not apply in the roots. Leave the product on for few minutes. While you wait the solid conditioner bar to work its magic, you can make a reviving massage to your body with our multipurpose body scrub bar.  Rinse the conditioner away and you are ready to have a great day. Essential step to have a long lasting and efficient conditioner bar is to store it right between uses. Keep it out of reach of water drops and let it drain well after each use.

INCI: Cetearyl alcohol, Behentrimonium methosulfate, Theobroma cacao seed butter, Butyrospermum
parkii butter,  Glycerin, Althea officinalis root extract, Citrus sinensis peel oil, Cutrus limonum peel oil, D-
panthenol, Coriandrum sativum oil, Guar hydroxypropyltrimonium chloride, limonene*, citral*,linalool*,
d-limonene*, eugenol*,geraniol*

* allergens naturally contained in essential oils

What is cetearyl alcohol? First and foremost, cetearyl alcohol is not the alcohol contained in disinfectants that can be extremely harsh on skin. In the science called Chemistry, alcohol is called any substance that contains in its chemical chain at least one molecule oxygen/hydrogen (-OH) . These substances, although having in their name the word alcohol, might completely differ in terms of properties one from another. As an example – glycerin which is one fabulous cosmetic ingredient is also classified as alcohol in Chemistry. So, cetearyl alcohol not only is not alcohol in the sense that most people would think of but is a highly valued ingredients in the world of cosmetics. It is plant based ingredient, in most cases coming from coconut. It is suitable for sensitive skin and we use it because of its super softening properties.

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