Skin injury balm that fights blisters, cracked skin, calluses

This skin-injury balm is designed to help faster skin recovery in case of blisters, cracked skin, calluses and all kinds of minor skin injuries. Thanks to the rich content of yarrow and calendula, this balm has wide range of use – sunburns, after tattooing, insect bites etc. Yarrow has a strong hemostatic and antimicrobial effect while calendula being rich in carotenoids, takes care of the faster recovery of skin cells.

Anti inflammatory

Bio certified ingredients

Suitable for sensitive skin


How is it used?
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For the most curious

This is the first ever Morava product to be formulated. It was created in times of tenacious learning of windsurfing while fighting waves and surviving the strong unstoppable winds. These times created great blisters and these blisters created the need of something powerful that should soothe, heal and protect.

This is how Morava skin-injury balm was born. It is your best friend for whatever outdoor activity you are practicing and also suitable for simple in-home incidents like touching the hot pan. The great combination of yarrow, lavender and calendula makes it a powerful wide-ranged body balm suitable for all kinds of minor skin injuries.

Take from the product with the top of your finger and apply directly on the body part that needs to be treated. It is suitable for every day use, several times a day.

INCI: Calendula officinalis oil, Butyrospermum parkii butter, Cera alba, Lavandula angustifola oil ,
Achillea millefolium oil , Melaleuca alternifolia oil, Calendula officinalis CO2 extract, Rosmarinus
officinalis CO2 extract, linalool*, limonene*, geraniol*

* allergens naturally contained in essential oils

Benefits of the herb yarrow on skin seem almost countless. Scientists have identified more than 100 naturally active chemical compounds in yarrow. This implies really wide use of the herb both internally and externally. Legends say that already in Ancient Greece, Achilles was using the herb to clean and treat soldiers wounds. Already back then, yarrow was known for its hemostatic, anti-microbial and anti bacterial properties making it powerful instrument for controlling bleeding of lacerations, puncture wounds, abrasions and helping in repairing damaged tissue.

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