About us

About us

Morava offers you a new way to take care of your skin and hair! Convenient, efficient and planet-friendly, our cosmetics is inspired by nature, formulated by science and manufactured in Europe. Morava products contain herbs, oils, butters, and innovative ingredients scientifically proven to be the gentlest possible components for your skin and hair. Morava is a Bulgarian brand that works hard to not leave anything behind but recyclable packaging and happy customers. Driven by the idea of less plastics, more smart products, and minimal consumerism lifestyle, our products will blow you away with their effectiveness and eco-efficiency.

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Cosmetics reinvented?

Why reinvented? Because it is made without water. What is the problem with the water? If you pay attention to the ingredients of your regular shampoo in a plastic bottle, you will notice that WATER/AQUA comes first. This means that the highest content in this shampoo formula is what you already have in abundance in your bathroom — water. Why does it need to be like that? And usually, not only water is the predominant ingredient, but also it takes up to 95% of the total content of your shampoo. In other words, your 250ml shampoo in plastic bottle has around 240ml of WATER inside! This is why solid cosmetics is fabulous. It is like those 5% of your regular shampoo in a plastic bottle that actually do the job – clean, nourish and revive but does not come in plastic, does not contain preservatives and is super compact and convenient, especially for travel! And it is still shampoo — just reinvented.

Concentrated, long lasting and salon quality results

Our solid cosmetics have concentrated formula that contains really only the essentials that actually clean, nourish and protect your skin and hair. We use no silicones, parabens, phthalates, petrol derivates or perfumes in our products. And they work!

Plastic free

Most of our products come in cardboard packaging that is fully recyclable and biodegradable as it does not have polypropylene cover. The other part of our products uses aluminum packaging. Aluminum is one of the most planet-friendly material as it can be recycled infinite number of times without losing its properties. In fact nearly 80% of the aluminum ever produced is still in use today!

Less CO2 emissions thus smaller carbon footprint on our Planet

Waterless cosmetics do not contain…water! By removing excessive air and water from a product, it asks for smaller packaging and less space to be transported. For example, instead of carrying 10,000 plastic bottles of liquid shampoo in one truck, one can take 30,000 solid shampoo bars! This leads to less carbon emissions in the air which means less pollution for the Planet.

No testing on animals and palm oil free

Our products are manufactured with respect to nature, people and also animals. All our cosmetics and body balms are palm oil free and have not been tested on animals!

HOW and WHY does Morava waterless cosmetics work?

Our products deliver fantastic results because we use ingredients with scientifically proven effects on the health and beauty of the skin and hair. All components in the product formulas have a solid reason to be present there and you will find nothing unnecessary, redundant, or just to fill in the ingredient list up to 100%. Our raw materials are ethically sourced, we believe in the power of circular economy and we always strive for choosing the nearest local producers when possible. The world of cosmetics is highly dynamic and tons of researches are conducted all the time. That is why considerable part of our time is dedicated to gathering insights from international exhibitions, scientific publications, seminars, and beauty conferences around the world so that we can make sure to stay on top of the latest innovations in ingredients, products, and production techniques. Our solid cosmetics work because they contain the essential for your hair and skin health and beauty combined in a smart way and produced according to the latest manufacturing practices.

Our mission

Our mission is to incite interest in increasing number of people towards solid cosmetics. It is a great alternative to conventional personal care products in plastic bottles. Plastics have become a huge global concern and among their main victims are the oceans and the marine life. We, as people raised with huge respect towards the seas, mountains, and nature in general, are grateful to have the opportunity to offer smart, convenient, and efficient alternative to conventional cosmetics in plastic bottles.
Together we have the chance to leave a better Planet without so much plastic wastes. Let’s be better and make sure that we leave to our kids beautiful and clean places to surf and enjoy. They deserve it.

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